To update your personal or corporate information, please choose
Account Information on the tool bar above and follow dropdowns to areas you can update.

(If you haven't done so already, you will be required to logon.  Sign in or use the log on at the
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Individuals use your E-mail Address.
Company Representatives please use the FIA user name sent to you.)

 (If you have any questions call FIA at 216-781-6260)



Individual can do the following:

  • Update personal information (email, title, etc...)
  • Employer changes
  • Personal address
  • Company or personal email, phone, fax
  • Look up your history of orders and attendance at FIA Events in recent past
Company representative can do the following: 
  • Update company information
  • Look up other information pertaining to your company
  • Update/add to the company personnel roster
  • Keep mailing lists up to date
  • Pay Dues
  • Look up Company record history of payments
    and outstanding invoices
  • Give Contributions to the Forging Foundation

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